NEED TO KNOW: Agostino wines celebrate limestone, rather than Soave’s other soil asset, volcanic basalt. Their taste is sleek, and subtle as a consequence.

Soave’s volanic origin has done much for wine quality, nuance and, more recently, marketing appeal. A long-gone volcano formed the hills of the Veneto, leaving seams of black basalt which confer rich, textured intensity on wines  grown there. Vicentini Agostino and his children, Emanuele and Francesca, are all about limestone, Soave’s other fine soil, the yang to basalt’s ying. 

When volcanos were erupting Soave’s now-famous hills skyward, they brought with them deposits from ancient seabeds. These formed the undulating hills which surround the steeper volcanic sections. Here, the soils are limestone – imparting a subtle intensity of flavour to Agostino’s Soaves which is unique to these soils and Vicentini’s extreme simplicity of winemaking practices. 

The Agostino’s celebrate the fusion of ancient history, the fertility of their land and the tradition of family winemaking in the region with their coat of arms – featuring pomegranates. These symbols of fertility and many descendants are the Agostinos’ prayer for generations of winemakers to come.

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