Asparagus tricky? Soave’s got this.

It’s officially British Asparagus season. Those beautiful green spears are in full poking throttle, pushing up through the warming spring soil and being harvested and sold in our supermarkets and greengrocers.

Asparagus has a rep for being tricky to match with wine. It can bring out too much sweetness in a wine that isn’t bone dry. Or metallic flavours in a wine that is very high in acidity. But look to the Veneto, and you’ll find abundant inspiration for asparagus recipes. And in Venice, they don't struggle to find a wine to pair with their staggering range of asparagus dishes – Soave is their go-to wine for asparagus season.

This delightfully simple but tasty recipe of Asparagus and Parmesan would be wonderful with mineral but textured styles of Soave, such as single vineyard Soave Classico such as Inama Monte Foscarino, Cantina del Castello Pressoni, or Suavia Monte Carbonare.

This contemporary take on Asparagus with vinaigrette uses tahini and sesame seeds in place of the usual vinegar and oil. It is delicious with elegant, refined styles of Soave from limestone soils, such as Soave Il Casale, from Vicentini.

Photo via British Asparagus

Photo via British Asparagus

Believe it or not, serious Soave is a fantastic match for lamb. This is especially true of the rich, wood-aged, volcanic Soave from the sunny but high eastern side of the region. Corte Moschina’s I Tarai has the vigour and concentration to match beautifully with this mouthwatering lamb and asparagus tray bake.

And finally, the iconic Venetian dish of asparagus risotto is perfectly matched by any Soave! In fact, finding the right rice for this recipe is really the tricky part – the wine is Soave-sorted.