NEED TO KNOW: Bertani Soave was on the menu at King George VI’s 1937 coronation, giving whole new meaning to the phrase ‘fit for a king’.

Bertani was founded in 1857 by two brothers, Giovan Battista & Gaetano Bertani. Gaetano had studied at the knee of a certain Professor Guyot, the French viticulturalist responsible for a now mainstream trellising method which was much more ground-breaking than it sounds. The connection established a centuries-long tradition of innovation which saw Bertani one of the first estates in Italy to see the value in bottling wine versus leaving in barrel, and the release of a Chablis-esque Soave, Le Lave. 

In more than 160 years of winemaking, Bertani has perfected a style of Soave which enhances its sensory potential. Gentle contact with the skins enhances the natural aromatics of the Garganega grape, while quality grape selection goes without saying. Throughout Bertani’s winemaking history, for their top cuvees, only the highest quality grapes from the hills were used. These grapes guarantee a wine fit for a king – appropriately so as Bertani’s Soave was served at King George VI’s coronation lunch.