NEED TO KNOW: The legend Frank Sinatra once refused to take a seat at a table without a bottle of Soave Bolla – a ringing endorsement!

All the greatest stories start with a simple vision – and Abele Bolla was a visionary. Abele ran his family inn in the Veneto; ‘Al Gambero’ was famous throughout the region for offering the finest wines for miles around. But Abele wanted more. He wanted to give his customers a superior experience – to cast his small corner of Italy into the international spotlight.

So Abele decided he would supplement his already impressive wine list by making and selling his own wine. It was to be a Soave. 

That was in 1883. Requests for Abele’s crisp, golden-hued wine snowballed – alongside the wines’ international reputation. Bolla claims the special distinction of claiming to have introduced American to white wine with their Soave.

After a 1946 visit and large order from the proprietor of "Fontana Hollywood", one of New York's most famous restaurants, Bolla’s wines became the darlings of New York tastemakers – so much so that in 1959 Frank Sinatra refused to take a seat at a table without a bottle of Soave Bolla.