Cantina Canoso

NEED TO KNOW: The wines are clearly named to indicate the style to customers and take them on a tasting journey.

Italians know that the very best ideas tend to come together over good food, great wine, and open conversation. One balmy summer evening in 2016, members of the Canoso family came together with some close friends in this setting to consider the future of Cantina Canoso. They had gathered to consider how to differentiate Canoso – how to be more than just another small family winery. 

Their first step in securing the future of Corte Canoso was to invest in the quality of their wines, starting with lower yields and Garganega-optimised trellising. But the real key to their success has been a fresh approach to the way they market their wines. 

They decided to rename the wines according to how they would sit in a tasting of the Canoso range. Fonte, meaning ‘origin’, is a classic Soave from the heart of Soave Classico. Verso, meaning ‘towards’, is a higher quality wine with bottle ageing and the structural finesse of Soave Superiore. Oltre, meaning ‘beyond’, defies expectations of typical Veronese white grapes – it is a truly exceptional wine. Finally, Passo, recalls the appassimento method which is the Italian tradition of drying grapes.