Cantina del Castello

This small estate of 13 hectares was rescued and rejuvenated by Arturo Stocchetti in the 1980s. Today, he works alongside his talented daughter, Giulia, and nephew, Nicola.  Arturo is Soave born and bred. He had a successful first career in interior design. You can see his artistic flair in the winery and tasting rooms, which are in the renovated 13th century palace of the old Count Bonifacio. Cantina del Castello’s wines are some of the most elegant and intense of Soave. Carniga Cru is a particular star, and a sommelier’s dream. They are always un-oaked, but go through extended ageing for extra texture and complexity. They are the darling of Japanese sommeliers, but were unknown in the UK. They have recently found a UK importer, following the Summer of Soave tastings.