Cantina di Monteforte

Co-operatives are strong in the Veneto – in the hard times after the Second World War, they were critical for Soave. Cantina di Monteforte was established in 1952 by 80 member vine growers. Today, it has 600 members, and supplies many of the UK’s most respected grocers and wholesalers. The range includes both usefully priced accessible wines and several premium brands from specially selected growers and sites. Under the leadership of the popular and admired Gaetano (Tano) Tobin, Cantina di Monteforte has become one of the most progressive and respected in the Veneto. Tano has a long-standing and fruitful collaboration with Australian flying winemaker Matt Thomson and British Master of Wine, David Gleave, and you will find his wines in many UK restaurants, and wine shops. 

Cantina di Monteforte Soave wines have the generous fruit of this eastern part of Soave Classico, but are also fresh and pure. 

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