Cantine Riondo

NEED TO KNOW: Collis-Riondo own 10% of the total production of the Veneto – but the quality of winemaking is that of single-figure growers with intense focus on the quality of fruit. 

 Riondo is owned by a group of farming and winemaking cooperatives based in Monteforte in the heart of Soave DOCG. The collective is named COLLIS, the Latin for ‘hill’ – reflecting the common territorial denominator of the vineyards of the two founding partners, both hilly vineyards: Cantina di Colognola ai Colli and Cantine dei Colli Berici.

Riondo’s fundamental focus is that of custodian: they work to preserve the vineyards and traditions of local growers who would otherwise find it necessary to give up their livelihoods, save for the intervention of Collis-Riondo to transform their grapes and sell the finished wine. Today, the diverse members of the Riondo coop range from a farmer with a single hectare to the owner of a huge and historic estate. The fact that each grower is treated equally, is absolute testament to the purity of Riondo’s vision.