Corte Moschina

NEED TO KNOW: Brothers Alessandro and Giacamo are creating innovative wines, including amphore-made Gargenega.  

The story of Corte Moschina is one of two brothers. Moschina was founded by third-generation winemaker, Silvano, in 1999. Now that his sons, Alessandro and Giacamo have come of age, every decision is made together as a family, sitting around their kitchen table.

Alessandro and Giacamo reflect the spirit of their pioneering parents. Alessandro is the incarnation of Silvano’s hardworking, passionate protection of his family legacy. One of Moschina’s proudest moments was the launch of their now-best-known lable, ‘I Tarari’. Made by Alessandro and Silvano, it marks the generational transition of the family business. 

Giacamo conversely embodies his mother’s fiery spirit. Though he is not a trained winemaker, his adventurous spirit has proved an important contrast to Alessandro’s scientific training. Giacamo’s encouragement has pushed his brother to experiment with new wines. Amongst the Durello wines produced in Ronca and Carmenere recently planted in their Colli Berici vineyards, they are also experimenting with Garganega produced in amphora.