NEED TO KNOW: Tenuta Grimani’s vineyards were originally established by the Grimani family – one of the most powerful in the Venetian Republic.

The Grimani family gave new meaning to the word ‘powerful’ with a family tree which read like a summary of Venice’s who’s who. Including merchants, ecclesiastics – even three Doges – it’s not surprising that the Grimani’s had a serious property portfolio. 

Among their estates, was one on the Roncà fields, at the foot of the volcanic, basaltic Lessini Mountains – today the eastern jewel of Soave. The vine had already been cultivated there for centuries, creating wines which were celebrated throughout the Venetian Republic. The old estate was thus the obvious choice for Pietro Cavaggioni, who purchased the vines in the first decades of the 20th century. 

The Cavaggioni family many not be as powerful as the Grimani, but their love for the land is all-encompassing. Their committed care to every single bunch of grapes is evident in their terroir expressive Soaves, full of the geological and sociological history of this extraordinary region.

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