NEED TO KNOW: Inama is one of the most famous Soave producers – due in no small part to their obsession with expressing the land in their wines above all else.

Inama has historically been a white wine producer. The winery was founded by Guiseppe Inama, who began purchasing vineyard plots in Soave in the 1950s. Guiseppe was convinced of the potential of Soave and wanted to show the world what old vine Garganega was capable of.

This determination has informed Inama’s current mission: the three generations who currently run the winery think that the key to Soave’s success is the allure of a label which doesn’t show the grape variety. Since Roman times, Soave has been principally composed of Garganega whereas other classico wines have changes their compositional varieties over centuries – probably because the originals weren’t giving the best results in that territory. 

The flexible approach to grape variety is fundamental for producers who care more about the expression of terroir on a wine. Producers like Inama. 

Stefano, Guiseppe’s son, agrees. ‘Working with old vines from the best plots and being accurate with viticulture’ is the key to great Soave, says Stefano. ‘You mustn’t over-crop, and you must use minimalistic oenology. I like Garganega, but it is difficult to control. You need to be a vine man and not a consultant: if you do it by the book it is a disaster’.