NEED TO KNOW: Davide’s favourite vintage was 2014: though it was a wet and difficult season with low yields, he loves the results – expressive of the freshness and longevity of the best Soaves.  

The Mainente brothers, Marco and Davide, were raised by their winemaker father after their mother died when Davide was only seven years old. Elder brother, Marco, the estate’s resident soil expert, began managing the winery with his father while Davide studied winemaking across Italy and New Zealand.  

Davide initially took a job as winemaker for prolific Soave producer, Fattorini. But after two years he made the leap to work full time for the family company. Under the guidance of the brothers, the promise demonstrated by their father in both vineyard and winery has been realised with wines which are sensitive to their environment. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for these ambitious brothers. Since the 1950s, the family have made wine from their 12 hectares; unlike the majority of their neighbours, they have never sold their grapes. They have always been certain of their quality of their output – not something they were easily able to relinquish to a conglomerate producer! The results really show.