NEED TO KNOW: the Nardello family have been growing vines in the area since the mid 1500s – but they are thoroughly dynamic and visionary in winemaking methods.

Visit a house in Via 4 Novembre, deep in the heart of the Veneto, and you’ll find a family steeped in 500 years of history. In 1608 this house was purchased by the Nardello family – and today it is sill used as their company headquarters. Cadastral surveys from years following show that their ancestors owned plots of land which were ‘planted with vines’, meaning that they’ve been making wine for almost as long. 

Today, Nardello is a classic story of ‘next generation’ rejuvenation. Old vines and low yields are combined with a forward-thinking non-interventionist approach in both vineyard and winery. Grapes are taken from two zones on Mount Zoppega and Mount Tondo, with the winemaking expressly designed to emphasise their origins. The deeper, dark clay and balsat rich soils on Mount Zoppega give wines of full-bodied richness. Meanwhile, the sandy-lime deposits on Mount Tondo produce wines with with a brilliant acid freshness that are gentler in the mouth and nose.

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