Guerrieri Rizzardi has its roots in the union of two ancient Veronese wine-making families of substance. The Counts of Guerrieri and Counts of Rizzardi were united by marriage in 1913 after centuries of independent viticulture and winemaking in Valpolicella and Bardolino.

The land that would become the Rizzardi Soave estate had, since the 1940’s,  belonged to the Swedish Marine Commodore, Olof Henning Lorenz Hammargren. The Commodore had retired to Italy but continued to pursue his passion for wine and viticulture in his role as correspondent for the Swedish Export Society and the monopoly for Swedish alcohol – forging a Swedish passion for Soave which persists to this day.

After the Commodore’s death, in 1977 Count Antonio Rizzardi decided to buy the first of the family’s Soave vineyards, aptly located behind the castle of Soave in what is now the cru of Tenda followed soon after by the rest of the estate on the hillside cru of  Costeggiola. In short – drinking Rizzardi Soave is drinking history.

NEED TO KNOW: Rizzardi has had a succession of well-to-do titled owners, including Counts (more than one) and a Commodore.