NEED TO KNOW: Suavia is run by four sisters, Arianna, Meri, Valentina and Alessandra, in the village where their family has lived for more than two centuries.

The name Suavia derives from the Middle Ages village which sprung up around a castle in the hills of modern-day Soave. It has resonance for the Tessari family, for it was here that they settled in 1800. Though the village of Suavia was long gone, between the vines and olives the Tessaris lived and worked the land for nearly two centuries. 

Come the 1980s, Giovanni and Rosetta were happily settled in the basaltic village of Fittà, raising four small daughters. It was then that the dynamic husband and wife duo decided it was high time to exploit the potential of the area and make their mark by vinifying their own wine in the 1980s. 

Since 2001, Arianna, Meri, Valentina and Alessandra have themselves been custodians of the vines and winery, celebrating the unique qualities of Garganega and Trebbiano. Not to mention flying the flag for women winemakers across Italy with their much sought after Soave.