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Cantine Riondo

Riondo is owned by a group of farming and winemaking cooperatives based in Monteforte in the heart of Soave DOCG. The collective is named COLLIS, the Latin for ‘hill’ – reflecting the common territorial denominator of the vineyards of the two founding partners, both hilly vineyards: Cantina di Colognola ai Colli and Cantine dei Colli Berici.

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The Mainente brothers, Marco and Davide, were raised by their winemaker father after their mother died when Davide was only seven years old. Elder brother, Marco, the estate’s resident soil expert, began managing the winery with his father while Davide studied winemaking across Italy and New Zealand.  

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Cantina Canoso

Italians know that the very best ideas tend to come together over good food, great wine, and open conversation. One balmy summer evening in 2016, members of the Canoso family came together with some close friends in this setting to consider the future of Cantina Canoso. They had gathered to consider how to differentiate Canoso – how to be more than just another small family winery. 

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