Where to find Soave in the supermarkets

Soave is a much-loved staple of every supermarket wine range. Soave’s smooth, lightly refreshing style combines the gentle fruitiness of Pinot Grigio – the UK’s best-selling white wine grape -  with extra interest and weight.

Like all major wine regions, Soave comes in many price-points, from the premium levels of the top family estates, to the accessible but authentic ‘everyday’ wines from one of the many dyanmic social co-operatives.

The co-operatives produce the fresh, tasty own-label Soave offered by all the major supermarkets. And if you are after a refreshing, goes-with-anything, great value white, it’s hard to find a better option. But there is so much more to Soave, and as awareness of the superb quality of premium Soave grows, more Supermarkets are also offering finer examples. 

While these Soave are a little more expensive than the light, everyday, examples that you may be more familiar with, they remain incredible value for their quality. Try these more premium Soave the next time you’re doing your supermarket shop, and you’ll be rewarded with richer, creamier textures, more intense and complex flavours, and elegantly perfumed aromatics.

Try these more premium Soave on the high street:

Waitrose offer the refreshing, crisp, fruity by dry Soave Classico from the multiple award-winning Cantine di Soave.

Morrisons stock a versatile and award-winning own-label Soave, but this single-vineyard premium Soave from a historic family producer is worth a trade up for its rich, textured, glossy palate.


Marks and Spencer stock a wonderful range of Soave from the acclaimed co-op of Cantina di Monteforte, where winemaking is overseen by a talented Italain-Australian team.