NEED TO KNOW: Monte Duello, the location of Zambon’s vineyards, was considered to be divine during the Roman era. The legend is honoured in the company logo.

Zambon is the perfect illustration of the ambition and ability of Soave’s young, dynamic winemakers. Federico Zambon studied viticulture and winemaking across the globe before returning to his family vineyards to create the first ever Zambon Soave in 2011. 

For Federico, it’s all about the soil. Monte Duello is volubly volcanic, believed to be a divine being by the Romans – and it certainly transplants a divine quality to the wines.  A near-obsessive focus on drawing out the unique character of this terroir runs through all of Zambon’s wines. Federico’s family have been making wine of one form or another since the end of the 19th century – it is testament to their legacy that Federico is proving such a dynamic presence in the community of boutique winemakers who work these hills.